So, I’ve added a blog component to my website (, which I just had redesigned by Website Design Japan. will still mainly function as my online portfolio and bio – something I can send to editors/publishers along with pitches and something editors/publishers can find when looking for a writer based in Japan. Apart from work with with regular clients that’s how new assignments tend to come my way; especially so from potential clients looking for a writer.

Why add the blog part then? In part, I want a space where I can publish pieces that I think I would struggle to find a suitable home for elsewhere; posts about writing, essays, anecdotes, opinion pieces, and perhaps some short fiction or poetry. I’ve not put much of a limit on the type of content, but I doubt there will be any travel writing, large features or anything else that would be better suited to somebody offering a good pay cheque. 

I’m not aiming to build a large following or become a successful blogger. That’s not my scene. I won’t be posting all that often either. I don’t think so, anyway. This a place where I can write about whatever I like, in any style I like, whenever I like. Getting a more varied range of pieces to the fit-for-publication stage will help me to improve more as a writer. This is about me being selfish. If other people read it, I’ll take that as a bonus.