A few weeks ago I had the rare (for me) experience of being on the receiving end of an interview, when I chatted with Karen Riley of Eye-Ai magazine about being a writer in Japan. I’m used to new writers and students getting in touch to ask about how I got into writing and looking for advice, but it’s not often I get interviewed like this – talking not just about how I got started, but my approach to clients (including deadbeats!) and how I select assignments, how I balance work, my aims, and even my thoughts on writing processes. It was a very different experience for me, and quite valuable to actually sit down and reflect on a few things.

The result is a six-page feature that appeared in the January 2016 issue of Eye-Ai (out Dec 1, 2015), which the magazine has very kindly let me reprint here as this PDF: Eye-Ai interview with Tokyo-based writer Rob Goss. They even put my name on the cover, just under that of a boy band, which when you see the “world’s worst ever selfie” that I sent them to use as my bio pic was extremely generous of them.